“Twilight Epiphany”

Artist, James Turrell recently graced Houston’s Rice University campus with one of his incredible installations.  “Twilight Epiphany,” Turrell’s 73rd skyspace, is acoustically sound and programmed for light shows.  Glenda, Michelle, Rhonda and I went to check it out just after sunrise on Saturday.  SweetArtInstallationSerotoninSqueeFest!  It is my third and favorite Turrell installation to have experienced.  And I cannot wait to go back again for one of the sunset performances.

Photo by Rhonda Rubin
Frame the Sky
Bathed in Turrell filtered light.

                           Elation                                                            Joy

Rabbit Hole
Photo by Glenda Sims
Photo by Glenda Sims
Besties: Michelle, Glenda, Rhonda

2 thoughts on ““Twilight Epiphany”

  1. I love “Frame the Sky,” and am kicking myself for not seeing the potential in that viewpoint. Also? I’m loving my monster heart T-shirt more every day. If it’s not trying to eat my boob, it’s trying to eat my friends.

    • Glenda’s arm isn’t actually behind you in that photo is it? The monster heart ate her. Poor, Glenny…

      I’m in love with the images you got. You kill scenic shots.

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