I’ve had A LOT going on with my back pain: Finally getting to a diagnosis and undergoing a procedure to (hopefully) fix my Piriformis Syndrome.  I’ll get into all that later.  But since my procedure, I’ve been laid up at home in a lot of pain going through the recovery process.  It’s getting better and better each day but my activity levels are majorly limited.  It’s making me stir-crazy and damn near bat-shit-insane.  My body is anxious for activity and I’m not allowed to… activate.

Whatever, you know what I mean.

So when I got home from work today I pulled out my sketchbook and hit “play” on the new Alex Clare album, “The Lateness of the Hour.”  This is where it drove me:

I have some great ideas about where to take this sketch and I can’t wait to throw them all down on canvas… Which will be a while since I can’t bend, stoop, blah, blah, OhMyGodThisSucks, blah.  But thank the baby Jesus for art.  I couldn’t stay sane without it.

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