The Process

Of an artist interpreting lines, layers, texture, geometry, nature, form, light, shadows, mood, feeling, emotions, intention, and chance into a sketch.  Which may or may not be further translated into a cohesive art piece.  When I look at the world, my brain is a continuously circulating reel of images that I’m constantly piecing together.  Eventually a story emerges much like a train of thought and what sticks with me the most are the transitions between the images, not the images themselves.  I become obsessed with how these images (captured or remembered) relate to one another beyond their natural timeline of happenstance.  And it makes me wonder how that string of events could visually translate.  If it would even make sense.  Or rather, how to make it make sense.  Like taking snapshots from your brain, laying them out on the floor in a pile, picking out the ones that “fit” and sewing them back together with one hand while the other hand creates new images to be sewn into the gaps.


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