Style Post: Polka Dots & Red Velvet

This is what “cabin fever” + a nerdy, hipster prop + a new camera app will do to a person.
And then one of your friends gifts you with one-of-a-kind, crushed velvet Converse All Stars. I have dubbed them my “pimp shoes.” And I bet I could pimp some serious nerdery in these things if I threw on the glasses…

11 thoughts on “Style Post: Polka Dots & Red Velvet

    • No. YOU’RE awesome for giving me some of the best. shoes. ever. Seriously, I’m gonna have so much fun wearing these. You’re the best! XO

    • Also, it’s totally your fault I even own those glasses. I guess this post is completely dedicated to you. :)

  1. This post reminded me of something I saw yesterday. I’d have sent the link, but so many of the comments were so stupid that it made me feel despair. So we’ll just stick to the pictures.

    • It’s not a closet. Its a room. A ROOM FULL OF CONVERSE. I call it “Heaven.” You know, when I’m not too busy drooling…

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