Some Whining, a Little Humor (but Mostly Whining) and (Shocker!) Some Sick Stuff (Also Whining. You’ve Been Warned)

Since I got sick with the Flu a couple of months ago, and then sort-of healed, and then got sick again with some other strand of Ebola, and then sort-of made it through Thanksgiving, and then sort-of healed again, all the while playing a game of Battleship with the Sciatica in my back (not to mention the regularly scheduled illness crap): I still haven’t fully recovered.  My body is, in theory, mostly where it needs to be.  My brain and my energy levels are not.  It has taken a huge emotional toll on me, and therefore every part of me is exhausted of any and all resources.

I’m so physically, mentally and emotionally drained right now that I’ve been pretty unresponsive to doing anything.  Which is nothing like me.  I’m always proactive, organized, full of energy, ready for anything, up for everything, and adamant about putting everyone first before me.  I take care of my responsibilities.  I take care of the people around me.  I take care of my strict illness regimen.  I’m used to taking on life at full force.

But right now I kind-of don’t care.  I’m not being active in any way, shape or form because of my back.  I’m trying to not overexert myself so I don’t relapse into another sickness.  I’m spending more of my free time sleeping instead of being a productive member of society.  I feel tired ALL THE TIME.  So all I really want to do is go back to sleep except I’m sick of lying around.  But the moment I come up with something productive to accomplish, the thought of getting up to attack it is too tiring to bear so I find something else to occupy my brain that doesn’t require doing anything.

I know.  I sound pathetic.  I feel pathetic.

Yesterday I just so happened to have an appointment with my Psychiatrist, so I filled her in on my current state of “MEH.”  We talked about it.  We talked about me.  And then we braided each other’s hair and ate cookie dough while my Psychiatrist proceeded to tell me that where I’m having some in and out moments of depression, I’m not depressed.  And basically it’s as simple as: my body has been through a  lot.  I haven’t caught a break in a few months.  So my body is just really, REALLY fucking tired.  And battling my body every day has made me really, REALLY fucking tired.  And everything I’ve been doing with the not doing of anything?  Is what I should be doing and as I keep feeling better bit by tiny bit, I can increase my activity levels and moods will improve and then I can take over the world.  Or something.

Until then, I’m struggling just to keep my attention focused on getting any single task accomplished (like answering a phone, or putting some laundry away, or shaving my legs.  These are difficult, tricky tasks, people).  My spirit is trying so hard to come up and I’m trying desperately to come up with it as my body lags behind me.  I swear I’m still alive and I haven’t completely turned to the dark side (although I hear they have cookies over there), but I am a little scattered right now and until my body starts getting back on track I’m gonna be struggling.  I guess in a way that’s my disclaimer for my “MEH” state.  So there you have it, Internet.  I’m way off right now but I’ll get back to me soon enough.  And when I do get back, I promise to bring lots of fun-ness and maybe even some confetti and pony rides.  Only the best for you.


6 thoughts on “Some Whining, a Little Humor (but Mostly Whining) and (Shocker!) Some Sick Stuff (Also Whining. You’ve Been Warned)

  1. The hardest thing to tell yourself when you feel like a slacker (despite having damned good reasons) is “it’s okay. This is what I need to be doing right now.”

    I hope it gets easier for you to tell yourself that, because it’s true.

    Now I’m going to try and figure out how to do doctor search for “psychiatrists using cookie dough therapy.”

    • “The hardest thing to tell yourself when you feel like a slacker (despite having damned good reasons) is “it’s okay. This is what I need to be doing right now.” ”

      Yeah, that’s one of my hard parts ’cause I’m so quick to jump to do things left and right. I’m always dropping things to do stuff for other people or go on a spontaneous errand. I’m learning to get over feeling guilty about not doing those things for a while. -And I know it’ll get easier, it always does. I’m just having a much harder time bouncing back than I usually do. And I have crazy cabin fever. OOH! I even taught myself how to crochet! I made some totally weird looking creature thing and thought of you… :)

      -Just take cookie dough with you to your appointments. Like they would stop you. They’re in the business to make YOU feel better. You should be allowed all the cookie dough you want!

  2. hey, i’m on lyricra for chronic pain, this was initialy given for depression, i guess they decided to try it for people with chronic pain, because it IS a little depresssing! I think it may be helping the pain, but i dont feel giddy. i shall wait to give a verdict, only on it for a few days. miss and love you, see you and the Rhonda(whom i also miss) at christmas.

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