Glitter Bombs and Bath Salts

I know.  I’m a dirty slacker and I fell off the planet.  Again.

In actuality, I’ve been really sick.  My back problems returned with a fierce vengeance.  To the point where I spent an entire weekend barely able to walk.  Heck, I’ve only sporadically been going to work.  In the evenings I would take a pain pill to help me get through it, but the pain medications were playing “chemistry lab” with my Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.  The result was less back pain and more nausea than I could handle.  Also… all that other stuff pain meds do to your system that no one wants to talk about.

Hey, look! Glitter bomb!

*Photo shamelessly stolen from the Internet. But it’s okay because it was a free “stock” image.

I’ve really been struggling the last month or longer… I don’t know, time seems to get all fucked up when you’re sick and in pain every day.  It has taken a major toll on me mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I’m doing absolutely everything I can to get my body back on track.  Including taking Epsom salt baths.  And if you know me at all, you know I’m probably the only girl on the planet who absolutely detests taking baths.  HATE THEM.  They’re boring and sweaty and uncomfortable and boring and did I mention boring?  You just sit there.  And if you’re doing a proper Epsom soak you have to sit there for AT LEAST 15 minutes.  Baths are just annoying.  Maybe if someone gave me a pet duck I’d take to enjoying the whole bath thing…  Oooh, and some Mr. Bubble.  That guy knows how to party.


Yesterday morning I had an appointment with my Pain Management Specialist/Surgeon.  She poked and she prodded and here’s what’s up:
I’m getting another injection in my Sacroiliac Joint on August 10th (my brother’s birthday. happy birthday, Adam!!!) and I have prescription anti inflammatories to help with the pain until then (easy on the stomach stuff).  I’ll be going to see another Neurologist for more extensive nerve testing for all the Sciatica pain.  If the next injection doesn’t work, I do  a round of multiple MRIs (so not looking forward to that) and potentially surgery for the Piriformis Syndrome.

I know a lot of people are all, “WTF?!” right now because I’m not particularly paying attention to things like human interaction or involving myself in life in general.  I’ve really been down for the count.  My schedule is: Sleep in. Hobble to work.  Leave work early.  Crawl into bed for a nap.  Wake up, eat dinner, watch a couple T.V. shows while I wait for pain meds to kick in.  Go to bed.  Rinse and repeat.  I’m hoping this is a dying schedule because, well, a.) I’m miserable.  And b.) I miss having a life.  I miss my friends and family.  I miss my artwork and photography.  I miss being a productive member of society.  Also, there’s only so much daytime T.V. a person can handle.  Also, also, Sugar sucks at drawing a bath for me.  She keeps huffing my bath salts and then I have to crate her so she doesn’t eat my face off while I’m passed out on pain medications.

Huh… I wonder when A&E’s “Intervention” will be calling…

3 thoughts on “Glitter Bombs and Bath Salts

  1. Don’t forget to talk to the neurologist about radiofrequency therapy which burns the nerve away. It’s like the injection but lasts months and months.

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