Make Me an Offer Sale

That’s right, I’m doing some major cleaning out of the studio space and I’d really like to find good homes for a number of my early works.  I’m currently wanting to expand upon a series or two of woks and I just don’t have the room.  SO…

Make me an offer. Email me at lindseysmo(at)gmail(dot)com:

“Mother” – 40″x40″ Acrylic on stretched canvas
“Breakdown” – 18″x24″ Acrylic on stretched canvas
“Hear Heart is a Fortress” – 40″x40″ Latex and acrylic on stretched canvas
“Weeping Willow (I, II, & III)” – (3) 16″x20″ Acrylic on stretched canvas
“Desert Floor” – 18″x24″ Acrylic on stretched canvas


“Incoming (II)” – 18″x24″ Spray paint and India ink on stretched canvas
“When You First Kissed Me (II)” – 18″x24″ Spray paint and acrylic on stretched canvas

Again, send all inquires and offers to lindseysmo(at)gmail(dot)com.  And thanks so much for stopping by!  If this sale were going on in person, I’d totally have swag bags for you at the door.  Also, punch and pie.  It’s not a soiree without punch and pie.

Oh… and I’m still offering up the “Jolted Awake” series at a discounted price: HERE



Like Ordering Shoes on the Internet Except Way Better

My Internet home-girl, Susannah of just launched her very own baking business!  There are no words for how elated I am for her and this incredible new endeavor.  More so, I can’t say what it means that she asked me to help with her logo design.  It was a completely terrifying and yet awesomely challenging request that I loved having the opportunity to tackle.  It really is an honor just to be nominated.

I did this.  You’ll see it around the site here and there.
Her web developer incorporated it into the text like this.  A well executed collaboration I think.  Susannah knew what she wanted and gave amazing direction.  Also, she’s completely lovely and fun to work with.

Bad Kitty Bakery is officially up and running.  And if you’re looking for some solid advice today: go buy something.  Anything.  You can’t go wrong.  Susannah is the real deal and so are her baked goods.  I would know, I’ve sampled some.  I myself cannot wait to order enough macarons to build a macaron fort so that I may lock myself inside and eat my way out.  What?!  That’s completely normal…


Go check out her amazing site and treat yourself to something nice, like a pound cake.  You’ve earned it.

Series for Sale!

Because of storage issues and because it’s that time of the year when people are scooping up their holiday bargains, I’m offering up a bargain of my own.  I have a series of six (matted and framed, 23″x27″ in the frame) abstract paintings that I’m offering up as a set for a flat $1,000.  I painted this series in 2009 for hanging in the original Barnaby’s restaurant.  Each painting was originally posted for $300 a piece (that’s $1,800 for the set).  So you’re looking at an $800 break here!  Do you have (or do you know someone who has) a home or business space with lots of wall real estate needing cohesive coverage?  Then this deal is for you!

Check out my “Jolted Awake” series and comment here or email me at if you’re interested.  I accept cash, checks, and credit cards.  And I’m willing to ship (buyer pays shipping fees) outside of the Houston area.  I’m happy to deliver to anyone living in or around the Houston area.

Thanks so much!