Letter: #photoadayjuly

When I was of the tooth losing age, I somehow got it in my head that:

a.) There was not a singular tooth fairy.  There was a whole magical land full of tooth fairies.  Because let’s be honest here, ONE tooth fairy collecting all those teeth EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?  No way could even a mythical, magical, glittery character accomplish so much on her own.
b.) Because there were many tooth fairies, they each had a name (of course) and a number.  In Tooth Fairy Land it’s easier to keep up with all those fairies if they each had a number, obviously.  Surely many of them had the same name.  So the number system was far more efficient.
c.) It was in my best interest to create written contracts for the tooth fairy.  Very plainly: you sign for my tooth, you can have it.  Also, please leave me some money.

Kids… where the heck they get this stuff…

This is one of my tooth fairy letters/contracts that I would leave under my pillow with my tooth carefully folded inside.  Those signatures and numbers were done by my aunt because my mom knew I’d recognize her handwriting.  Every time I see one of these contracts it cracks me up, because what kid does this?!  Also, I cringe because clearly my spelling and grammar needed a lot of work.  But what I lacked in proper conveyance of the English language, I made up for in dotting my exclamation points with little molars.  It’s all in the details, people.


Today’s #photoadayjuly is “big” and I thought I’d merge a couple of posts for this one.  On Saturday I took on a somewhat “big” reorganization project, and because I’m a DIY nerd I photographed the process.

You know how girls have a lot of stuff?  Specifically a drawer in the bathroom jammed full of things like lip gloss and nail polish and hair thingies and, and… You know the drawer.  We all have one.  Ours had gotten completely out of control.  Mostly because of me and my many hair accessories, but that’s beside the point.  I FINALLY got a big enough burr in my saddle to do something about it, so I went to Target and bought a drawer organizer for inspiration.  Then I went to work!


Before: Oh. Dear. Lord. This is only the stuff that was going BACK in the drawer… never mind all the crap I threw out.
I cleaned the drawer. Then cut out a piece of canvas that I had in my pile of fabric scraps and “Mod Podged” the canvas to the drawer bottom to act as a liner. Pictured here is after painting a layer of Mod Podge on top of the canvas to give it a hard seal. The Mod Podge dried clear, so the end result was a clean looking B&W striped drawer!  -Please excuse the poor quality cell phone photo…
After (I): The organizer has a top tier slidey organizey thing (technical term). Here it is in the “forward” position.
After (II): The organizer has a top tier slidey organizey thing (technical term). Here it is in the “pushed back” position.

There are no words for how happy this makes me.  Everything has a place.  And it’s clean.  And every time I open the drawer, little angels sing while floods of light warm the deep cockles of my heart.  After I finished, I was so giddy about it that I literally jumped up and down in front of Rhonda until she went upstairs to see the end results (and then compliment me on how pretty it is… naturally).

I know, I know… I seriously need to be medicated.


Chair: #photoadayjuly

Okay, so it’s many chairs…
These are just a few items in “inventory” to be refinished with some modern touches.  Never mind the rest of the furniture in the warehouse.  Dang, I’ve already said too much.  Just focus on the wicked-cool vintage chairs and pay no attention to the overzealous blogger.

On the Floor

On the Floor: #photoadayjuly

For the theme “on the floor” I chose to dump the contents of my purse on the floor and neatly arrange them for photographing.  Not pictured here is my iPhone because I needed it to snap the photo.  So… yeah… this is what I carry around with me every day…


Busy: #photoadayjuly

Me?  Multitask?  Never!
Eh, hem… what I mean is: Always 300 projects at once and never enough time to work on them.  I need a vacation from work so I can work.  Is that sad?  It is, isn’t it?  Doesn’t matter, because this is the stuff I love.  This?  This isn’t work and never will be.