Chair: #photoadayjuly

Okay, so it’s many chairs…
These are just a few items in “inventory” to be refinished with some modern touches.  Never mind the rest of the furniture in the warehouse.  Dang, I’ve already said too much.  Just focus on the wicked-cool vintage chairs and pay no attention to the overzealous blogger.


Busy: #photoadayjuly

Me?  Multitask?  Never!
Eh, hem… what I mean is: Always 300 projects at once and never enough time to work on them.  I need a vacation from work so I can work.  Is that sad?  It is, isn’t it?  Doesn’t matter, because this is the stuff I love.  This?  This isn’t work and never will be.

“Twilight Epiphany”

Artist, James Turrell recently graced Houston’s Rice University campus with one of his incredible installations.  “Twilight Epiphany,” Turrell’s 73rd skyspace, is acoustically sound and programmed for light shows.  Glenda, Michelle, Rhonda and I went to check it out just after sunrise on Saturday.  SweetArtInstallationSerotoninSqueeFest!  It is my third and favorite Turrell installation to have experienced.  And I cannot wait to go back again for one of the sunset performances.

Photo by Rhonda Rubin
Frame the Sky
Bathed in Turrell filtered light.

                           Elation                                                            Joy

Rabbit Hole
Photo by Glenda Sims
Photo by Glenda Sims
Besties: Michelle, Glenda, Rhonda

The Process

Of an artist interpreting lines, layers, texture, geometry, nature, form, light, shadows, mood, feeling, emotions, intention, and chance into a sketch.  Which may or may not be further translated into a cohesive art piece.  When I look at the world, my brain is a continuously circulating reel of images that I’m constantly piecing together.  Eventually a story emerges much like a train of thought and what sticks with me the most are the transitions between the images, not the images themselves.  I become obsessed with how these images (captured or remembered) relate to one another beyond their natural timeline of happenstance.  And it makes me wonder how that string of events could visually translate.  If it would even make sense.  Or rather, how to make it make sense.  Like taking snapshots from your brain, laying them out on the floor in a pile, picking out the ones that “fit” and sewing them back together with one hand while the other hand creates new images to be sewn into the gaps.


Like Ordering Shoes on the Internet Except Way Better

My Internet home-girl, Susannah of just launched her very own baking business!  There are no words for how elated I am for her and this incredible new endeavor.  More so, I can’t say what it means that she asked me to help with her logo design.  It was a completely terrifying and yet awesomely challenging request that I loved having the opportunity to tackle.  It really is an honor just to be nominated.

I did this.  You’ll see it around the site here and there.
Her web developer incorporated it into the text like this.  A well executed collaboration I think.  Susannah knew what she wanted and gave amazing direction.  Also, she’s completely lovely and fun to work with.

Bad Kitty Bakery is officially up and running.  And if you’re looking for some solid advice today: go buy something.  Anything.  You can’t go wrong.  Susannah is the real deal and so are her baked goods.  I would know, I’ve sampled some.  I myself cannot wait to order enough macarons to build a macaron fort so that I may lock myself inside and eat my way out.  What?!  That’s completely normal…


Go check out her amazing site and treat yourself to something nice, like a pound cake.  You’ve earned it.

Pretty Apropos Actually

I’ve been majorly busy playing host to a various omnibus of illnesses and consequently, I have seriously neglected my artwork.  The last Work of Art assignment was to create a street art (of which I’m a HUGE fan) inspired piece.  I managed to work out a raw sketch for what I wanted to paint before my immune system took an unapproved vacation from my body.  And where I’m finally starting to feel better and get my schedule somewhat on track, I haven’t quite found the energy to put this down on canvas.  But maybe posting it  here on the blog to be all up in my face will give me the push I need to finish this piece.  Because I have a feeling I’m going to fall madly in love with this one.  I’m already smitten with the raw sketch.

untitled for now