Today’s #photoadayjuly is “big” and I thought I’d merge a couple of posts for this one.  On Saturday I took on a somewhat “big” reorganization project, and because I’m a DIY nerd I photographed the process.

You know how girls have a lot of stuff?  Specifically a drawer in the bathroom jammed full of things like lip gloss and nail polish and hair thingies and, and… You know the drawer.  We all have one.  Ours had gotten completely out of control.  Mostly because of me and my many hair accessories, but that’s beside the point.  I FINALLY got a big enough burr in my saddle to do something about it, so I went to Target and bought a drawer organizer for inspiration.  Then I went to work!


Before: Oh. Dear. Lord. This is only the stuff that was going BACK in the drawer… never mind all the crap I threw out.
I cleaned the drawer. Then cut out a piece of canvas that I had in my pile of fabric scraps and “Mod Podged” the canvas to the drawer bottom to act as a liner. Pictured here is after painting a layer of Mod Podge on top of the canvas to give it a hard seal. The Mod Podge dried clear, so the end result was a clean looking B&W striped drawer!  -Please excuse the poor quality cell phone photo…
After (I): The organizer has a top tier slidey organizey thing (technical term). Here it is in the “forward” position.
After (II): The organizer has a top tier slidey organizey thing (technical term). Here it is in the “pushed back” position.

There are no words for how happy this makes me.  Everything has a place.  And it’s clean.  And every time I open the drawer, little angels sing while floods of light warm the deep cockles of my heart.  After I finished, I was so giddy about it that I literally jumped up and down in front of Rhonda until she went upstairs to see the end results (and then compliment me on how pretty it is… naturally).

I know, I know… I seriously need to be medicated.


Where I’m sure you’re all about to pee yourself with anticipation of a detailed explanation for my absence, I’m gonna hit you with the reader’s digest version.  The details aren’t all that fascinating, I assure you.  So.  Here’s the sitch:

-Work has been hell.  Three weeks of insanely long hours and then a new schedule with lots of stress and pretty much hating everyone and their cute kittens.  That’s about all you need to know right?  Who wants gory details about work?

-Post back procedure healing went pretty well and I was pain free for a while (notice the past tense slipped in there?), until symptoms started showing up about two months after the procedure.  So (again) long story short: I’m close to where I was before the procedure.  There are doctor appointments and decisions to be made in my near future.

-My health in the arena of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome management has been extremely shaky.  I’d be lying if I said I was 100% on top of it right now.  The super-duper-Hulkian proportions of stress from multiple areas of my life have taken a huge toll on my body.  Consequently my nutrition has suffered, which means I’m a little too under-weight and terribly afraid I’m going to look like an Olsen twin soon if I can’t get proper nutrients and fats in my body. I am currently 5’6″ and 115 lbs.  Anything under 120 is bad for me.  So… Yeah…  Working on it.

-All that stress I just mentioned above?  Let’s see…
*Multiple deaths and funerals.
*Family feuding.
*Cracked pipe in our foundation resulting in home demo repairs to plumbing and 3,000 lbs of sheetrock dust everywhere.  Which means I’ve been in Lady Macbeth mode since the first cut into our walls over a week ago.
*Sugar needing multiple (very expensive) trips to the Vet.
*Health keeping me from working out.
*Trying to find time to finish up a commission and get a series of works together for a rather large submission.
*Balancing attentiveness to friends and family with my body’s need to essentially hibernate so I can heal and be better functioning.
*Balancing finances like Rain Man to pay for home stuff, Sugar’s Vet stuff, my back and health stuff, and eating my weight in 365 brand frozen fruit bars from Whole Foods (SERIOUSLY, you guys, these popsicles are THE SHIT).

So basically: When I’m not at work, or cleaning, or working at home, or force-feeding myself, or pushing through exhaustion and feeling like crap every day; I’ve been majorly checked out.  I haven’t had time to blog or update the website.  I’ve barely had time to be an attentive friend.  Not sure I’m succeeding all too well at that either.  I’m alive and kicking and chugging along, for sure.  I’m just a bit off grid right now, for which I apologize.  I miss writing, photographing, and blogging like crazy.  I promise I’m not gone for good.  I am working on a perfect balance.  Until then, thanks so much for sticking with me and still checking in around these here parts from time to time.  I love you more than cupcakes.


What was I JUST saying?

Saturday, late morning as the sun projected itself through the large window at the front of our house.  I glanced up at the mirrored back wall of our dining room (a reflection of the window) and thought, “How amazing is it that depending on the time of day and the angle of light, we have a constantly changing, framed piece of natural artwork?”  The back-lit silhouette of the tree on our front patio against our textured, white curtains is sheer perfection to me.  And hence further supporting my whole “Life: Imitating Art: Imitating Life” thing.

The Date Box: Fort Day

You remember when you were in high school and you got a “D” on your report card in a subject matter that you will use once in your life (this single class and then never again) but regardless, you’re pretty sure your parents are going to kill you for not excelling at trigonometric basket weaving, so (sweet bajeebus this is the longest run-on sentence ever) you tell your parents you’re pregnant?  And as they’re simultaneously reaching for the knife drawer you shout, “NO!  Not really!  But I’m a complete failure at finding out how many isosceles triangles it takes to make a macrame owl. I’m so sorry, I’ll go pour the white-out on my college applications now.”  You know?!  No?  Just me?  Moving on…

When we drew “Fort Day!!!” out of The Date Box, my tiny pea of a brain decided it was the most brilliant idea ever to lead with, “So honey, I think we should first mount some hooks in the ceiling.  You know, so this can be one serious, bad motherfucker of a fort.”  And then ten minutes later after two more mugs of coffee and intensive sessions of CPR, I was at least able to use things like light stands, broom handles and tent poles instead of couch cushions.  Couch cushions are for amateurs.  Or five-year-olds.

My parents should be happy to read that I did, indeed use some form of Physics (that’s science!) to construct our fort.  The rest of my energy was spent reassuring Rhonda that I wasn’t going to poke anyone’s eye out.  See, Rhonda’s idea of a fort is a sheet over the dining room table.  I was less than supportive or understanding of her vision.  Because, see, MY vision was very tunneled in the direction of “serious, bad motherfucker of a fort.”  I wanted to “WOW” Rhonda with my mad fort skillz.  An hour later, as we lounged and made out in the coziest, prettiest fort that ever did fort, I’d say I WON.

Three days later, we finally took it town.

Presenting, The Love Hut:

You can see Rhonda’s step-by-step documentation of the fort construction HERE.

And Every Time We’d Say Something About Our Box, We’d Giggle Like 12-Year-Old Boys

Every year Rhonda and I have the week between Christmas and New Year’s off from work.  We try to take advantage of that time to travel, but this year (for a number of reasons) we weren’t feeling the whole traveling thing.  And if you know anything about me at all, you definitely know that I’d sooner cut off a limb than sit around the house on my ass for ten days.  Solution?  The Date Box.

For a month or so prior to our holiday, Rhonda and I kept separate lists of things we’d like to do together.  Some pretty large, full day activities.  Some were mere jaunts or a good way to kill an hour or two.  We bought a lovely, raw wood box and painted it together.  We wrote down each of our list items on little cards, folded them, and tossed ‘em in the box.  Every day for the week we were off, we would pull things out of our box (tee-hee) and NO MATTER WHAT, we had to do whatever we drew.  Depending on the time of day and type of activity we selected, we would postpone an outing here and there.  We rearranged our dates as necessary, and it worked out extremely well.  In fact, we loved the whole Date Box thing so much that we’re going to keep writing down dates and depositing them in the box as they come to us.  And on weekends or evenings when we don’t have anything going on, we’ll consult our box (tee-hee).

For our holiday week, The Date Box gave us:

-Try a new coffee shop/cafe.
-Take a walk somewhere new.
-Find and go see some live music.
-Fort Day!!!
-Go bowling.
-Go to a random museum.
-Try a new restaurant.
-Go on a reading field trip.
-Go see a movie at The Showboat Drive-In Movie Theater.

These things were of course, in addition to our regularly scheduled holiday celebrations.  Also throughout the week, if we were invited by friends to take part in something outside of our box (tee-hee), we totally went for it.  Our major goal for the ten days was not so much to stick strictly to any rules, but to go with the flow and do whatever the week presented to us.  Therefore we also got to squeeze in tons of lunch and dinner dates with friends.  A field trip to the movies and a new tea house.  A shopping and Starbucks sprint through Target.  Lots of fun family time.  And many, many incredible hours of sleep (DEAR LORD I’d forgotten how wonderful it is to sleep ’til noon).  All in all?  Last week kicked ass.  And in the next few (to possibly many) posts, I’ll be detailing our awesome dates.  Aww, yeah… get ready for Fort Day photos.