Make Me an Offer Sale

That’s right, I’m doing some major cleaning out of the studio space and I’d really like to find good homes for a number of my early works.  I’m currently wanting to expand upon a series or two of woks and I just don’t have the room.  SO…

Make me an offer. Email me at lindseysmo(at)gmail(dot)com:

“Mother” – 40″x40″ Acrylic on stretched canvas
“Breakdown” – 18″x24″ Acrylic on stretched canvas
“Hear Heart is a Fortress” – 40″x40″ Latex and acrylic on stretched canvas
“Weeping Willow (I, II, & III)” – (3) 16″x20″ Acrylic on stretched canvas
“Desert Floor” – 18″x24″ Acrylic on stretched canvas


“Incoming (II)” – 18″x24″ Spray paint and India ink on stretched canvas
“When You First Kissed Me (II)” – 18″x24″ Spray paint and acrylic on stretched canvas

Again, send all inquires and offers to lindseysmo(at)gmail(dot)com.  And thanks so much for stopping by!  If this sale were going on in person, I’d totally have swag bags for you at the door.  Also, punch and pie.  It’s not a soiree without punch and pie.

Oh… and I’m still offering up the “Jolted Awake” series at a discounted price: HERE



Series for Sale!

Because of storage issues and because it’s that time of the year when people are scooping up their holiday bargains, I’m offering up a bargain of my own.  I have a series of six (matted and framed, 23″x27″ in the frame) abstract paintings that I’m offering up as a set for a flat $1,000.  I painted this series in 2009 for hanging in the original Barnaby’s restaurant.  Each painting was originally posted for $300 a piece (that’s $1,800 for the set).  So you’re looking at an $800 break here!  Do you have (or do you know someone who has) a home or business space with lots of wall real estate needing cohesive coverage?  Then this deal is for you!

Check out my “Jolted Awake” series and comment here or email me at if you’re interested.  I accept cash, checks, and credit cards.  And I’m willing to ship (buyer pays shipping fees) outside of the Houston area.  I’m happy to deliver to anyone living in or around the Houston area.

Thanks so much!

Pretty Apropos Actually

I’ve been majorly busy playing host to a various omnibus of illnesses and consequently, I have seriously neglected my artwork.  The last Work of Art assignment was to create a street art (of which I’m a HUGE fan) inspired piece.  I managed to work out a raw sketch for what I wanted to paint before my immune system took an unapproved vacation from my body.  And where I’m finally starting to feel better and get my schedule somewhat on track, I haven’t quite found the energy to put this down on canvas.  But maybe posting it  here on the blog to be all up in my face will give me the push I need to finish this piece.  Because I have a feeling I’m going to fall madly in love with this one.  I’m already smitten with the raw sketch.

untitled for now


After wading around in five very different options I finally decided upon a painting for the Stehlin Foundation auction.  My first choice painting somehow ended up in Dallas (long story) and I had a total panic attack until I realized I could just create a “sister” piece for that first choice painting.  So I spent two-ish sleepless days doing just that.  And in the end, I’m actually really, really happy with it and hopeful that the piece will make the foundation a lot of money.

Although I’m not gonna lie, the intimidation levels are high.  When I dropped off my painting last night to the woman spear heading the auction she showed me a donated sculpture made by the one and only, world famous, Jesus Moroles (who just so happens to be a personal friend of hers).  Awesome.  Here’s this famous Moroles sculpture and also a painting by, who is this Lindsey person?

BUT.  It doesn’t change the fact that I love this painting.  I love what it stands for.  I love what it evokes.  And I stand by it.  Here’s hoping the hundreds of people at the gala next week love it just as much as I do.

“Endure” – 30″x40″ latex and acrylic on stretched canvas

Sneak Peek

Besides coming down with the flu and quarantining myself for a week, having an incredible anniversary celebration weekend, and then playing nurse for four days to Rhonda who contracted a completely different plague than the one I was harboring, I’ve been a creating machine.  I have a ton of projects in my lap (not the least of which is keeping up with the Work of Art group as well as Betty and the Bear), but these are the ones taking up the majority of my time right now:

This is a mixed media piece I’m working on to be auctioned off at a Gala for the Stehlin Foundation. It needs to be done by the end of the weekend.  Obviously I have a lot to finish.


I’m not exactly in a place to talk about it yet, but my mom and I have a garage full of old furniture that we’re giving new life. This piece is in the process of getting a “Parisian antique chic” makeover. As things develop, I’ll be talking more aobut this whole furniture endeavor…


Getting a head start on a project due on Monday. Graphite, pen & ink on watercolor paper. Can’t wait to add the color.

So you know… if you’re wondering where I’ve been, this is it.  With exception of wanting to die the week I had Ebola, I’m loving all of this creative work I’m cranking out.  It’s a happy busy.

*All photos shot with my iPhone.  The final products will look way better photographically.


Follow what I’ve been up to with the Bravo’s Work of Art Challenges over here.  This week’s inspiration was all about movement as demonstrated by New York Parkour (NYPK).  I’ve loved parkour since its emergence and if I didn’t have such weak bones I’d be jumping off of stuff like Spider Man on crack, too.  Check it:


So I got inspired by the fluidity of their movement, as chaotic as it is, and decided to rock out some time lapse photography with food coloring and water.

Check out the moving picture over at the Work of Art Follow blog.

Oops, I’ve Done it Again

Last year I managed to get a group of artists together from around the country to participate in a creative challenge of sorts.  We watched Bravo TV’s newest series, “Work of Art” and performed the challenges posed to the artists on the show.  And since I have no regard for sleep or eating or any free time what so ever, I launched a blog showcasing the works from these participating artists.

Season two kicked off last night and because I’m completely out of my mind, I’m running the blog again.  If you’re interested in participating or if you simply want to stalk good artwork in the making, check us out over HERE.