And Every Time We’d Say Something About Our Box, We’d Giggle Like 12-Year-Old Boys

Every year Rhonda and I have the week between Christmas and New Year’s off from work.  We try to take advantage of that time to travel, but this year (for a number of reasons) we weren’t feeling the whole traveling thing.  And if you know anything about me at all, you definitely know that I’d sooner cut off a limb than sit around the house on my ass for ten days.  Solution?  The Date Box.

For a month or so prior to our holiday, Rhonda and I kept separate lists of things we’d like to do together.  Some pretty large, full day activities.  Some were mere jaunts or a good way to kill an hour or two.  We bought a lovely, raw wood box and painted it together.  We wrote down each of our list items on little cards, folded them, and tossed ‘em in the box.  Every day for the week we were off, we would pull things out of our box (tee-hee) and NO MATTER WHAT, we had to do whatever we drew.  Depending on the time of day and type of activity we selected, we would postpone an outing here and there.  We rearranged our dates as necessary, and it worked out extremely well.  In fact, we loved the whole Date Box thing so much that we’re going to keep writing down dates and depositing them in the box as they come to us.  And on weekends or evenings when we don’t have anything going on, we’ll consult our box (tee-hee).

For our holiday week, The Date Box gave us:

-Try a new coffee shop/cafe.
-Take a walk somewhere new.
-Find and go see some live music.
-Fort Day!!!
-Go bowling.
-Go to a random museum.
-Try a new restaurant.
-Go on a reading field trip.
-Go see a movie at The Showboat Drive-In Movie Theater.

These things were of course, in addition to our regularly scheduled holiday celebrations.  Also throughout the week, if we were invited by friends to take part in something outside of our box (tee-hee), we totally went for it.  Our major goal for the ten days was not so much to stick strictly to any rules, but to go with the flow and do whatever the week presented to us.  Therefore we also got to squeeze in tons of lunch and dinner dates with friends.  A field trip to the movies and a new tea house.  A shopping and Starbucks sprint through Target.  Lots of fun family time.  And many, many incredible hours of sleep (DEAR LORD I’d forgotten how wonderful it is to sleep ’til noon).  All in all?  Last week kicked ass.  And in the next few (to possibly many) posts, I’ll be detailing our awesome dates.  Aww, yeah… get ready for Fort Day photos.

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