Where I’m sure you’re all about to pee yourself with anticipation of a detailed explanation for my absence, I’m gonna hit you with the reader’s digest version.  The details aren’t all that fascinating, I assure you.  So.  Here’s the sitch:

-Work has been hell.  Three weeks of insanely long hours and then a new schedule with lots of stress and pretty much hating everyone and their cute kittens.  That’s about all you need to know right?  Who wants gory details about work?

-Post back procedure healing went pretty well and I was pain free for a while (notice the past tense slipped in there?), until symptoms started showing up about two months after the procedure.  So (again) long story short: I’m close to where I was before the procedure.  There are doctor appointments and decisions to be made in my near future.

-My health in the arena of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome management has been extremely shaky.  I’d be lying if I said I was 100% on top of it right now.  The super-duper-Hulkian proportions of stress from multiple areas of my life have taken a huge toll on my body.  Consequently my nutrition has suffered, which means I’m a little too under-weight and terribly afraid I’m going to look like an Olsen twin soon if I can’t get proper nutrients and fats in my body. I am currently 5’6″ and 115 lbs.  Anything under 120 is bad for me.  So… Yeah…  Working on it.

-All that stress I just mentioned above?  Let’s see…
*Multiple deaths and funerals.
*Family feuding.
*Cracked pipe in our foundation resulting in home demo repairs to plumbing and 3,000 lbs of sheetrock dust everywhere.  Which means I’ve been in Lady Macbeth mode since the first cut into our walls over a week ago.
*Sugar needing multiple (very expensive) trips to the Vet.
*Health keeping me from working out.
*Trying to find time to finish up a commission and get a series of works together for a rather large submission.
*Balancing attentiveness to friends and family with my body’s need to essentially hibernate so I can heal and be better functioning.
*Balancing finances like Rain Man to pay for home stuff, Sugar’s Vet stuff, my back and health stuff, and eating my weight in 365 brand frozen fruit bars from Whole Foods (SERIOUSLY, you guys, these popsicles are THE SHIT).

So basically: When I’m not at work, or cleaning, or working at home, or force-feeding myself, or pushing through exhaustion and feeling like crap every day; I’ve been majorly checked out.  I haven’t had time to blog or update the website.  I’ve barely had time to be an attentive friend.  Not sure I’m succeeding all too well at that either.  I’m alive and kicking and chugging along, for sure.  I’m just a bit off grid right now, for which I apologize.  I miss writing, photographing, and blogging like crazy.  I promise I’m not gone for good.  I am working on a perfect balance.  Until then, thanks so much for sticking with me and still checking in around these here parts from time to time.  I love you more than cupcakes.


6 thoughts on “Aliiiiiiiiiiiivvvve!

    • Hahaha, you rule. Excited to get some fun time with you (and the gals) this weekend. :)
      And, thank you.

  1. find a penny, pick it upthen all day you’ll have good luskpacs it on to a friendthen your luck will never end!(keep sharing the love, deanne!)p.s. gilda, i’ve since watched a few more of these poi belly dancing videos and they also call them VOI (veil + poi)

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