I grew up creating art, spending summers attending art camp where I learned about mixed media art and painting. In high school I discovered and took to collage work while simultaneously falling in love with photography. With my first camera, a Minolta SRT-101, I experimented with light and composition for black and white images.  Later after convincing my parents to turn a household bathroom into a darkroom, I processed and printed my shots.  At the same time I got a job teaching art at the very camp where I fell in love with creating.  Teaching mixed media crafts for three years gave me an even greater feel for skill and love of the arts. Many years later I’ve transformed my love for mixed media art, painting, and photography into my life’s work.

I am perpetually creating.  Even when I’m at the day job or playing softball or rollerblading (yes, I rollerblade. yes, it’s dorky), or maintaining a social calendar, nearly every aspect of my life is infused with the excitement of what I get to create next. So I’m a very happily busy person. Not to brag, but my life pretty much rules.

I am the “Betty” half of Betty and the Bear.

My wife is my biggest fan and supporter. That’s sort-of a big deal. For that, and about a million other reasons, I love her more than my Dyson. THAT’S A LOT. She’s my rock star, best friend, and my leading lady.
TiVo and the Internet are my mob bosses.

I’m obsessed with live music, playing softball, anything made from crushed ice, avocados, obscure arty publications, vintage anything, design blogs, giving old furniture new life, traveling, the smell of campfire, textiles, art supply stores, good poetry, and cuddling.

I’m perpetually bruised, scraped up, sore, limping, and on a first name basis with the fine folk at St. Luke’s Minor Emergency Center. That’s because I’m a hard core softball player. And sometimes because of my chronic illness: Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.

My friends and family are better than yours (no, no. that’s not up for discussion), because… well… this space isn’t long enough.

I one day want to own lots of land in the city so I can build an artist’s compound with my friends, complete with a pony and a duck. That’s pretty much all I strive for in life.  Well… that and an out-of-the-park home run.  That’d be pretty sweet.

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