10 Things I Love: Favorite Smells of Summer

2.) Worn wood patio furniture, 3.) Afternoon showers, 4.) Food on a charcoal grill, 5.) Iced soy lattes, 6.) Sea air, 7.) Cheap pool floats plastic, 8.) Camp fire, 9.) Bubblegum snoball syrup, 10.) Coconut oil



3 thoughts on “10 Things I Love: Favorite Smells of Summer

    • Well, not ALL of them are my photos. Some of them are (eh hem…) stolen product photos. The products are well advertised in the images so I didn’t feel the need to link them. :)
      And yeah, I’m gonna start doing more “10 Things I Love” posts. It gets me posting more and prompts me to take more photos.

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